Japan and the United Nations


Japan was admitted into the United Nations on December 18, 1956, and that times Japan’s has signed its surrender of the second World War aboard the U.S battleship Missouri in1945. On the speech from the Japanese Prime Minister, Mamoru Shigemistu, at the United Nations General Assembly, he expressed Japan’s determination to fulfil its duties under the U.N Charter. Since that, Japan’s commitment to the United Nations has been an important platform to the Japanese foreign policy in the world after the war. [2]

When Japan joined the U.N, its financial contribution was only 1.97 percent. Today its contributions have increase dramatically to around 10.83 percent, making in this way Japan the second biggest sponsor following the United States with 22 percent and larger contributor than the four other security council permanent members combined – Great Britain, China, France and Russia. [3]

Assessnents for Peacekeeping Operations Financial by Major Contributors (200)

Assessments for Peacekeeping Operations Finacial by Major Contributors (2000)[4]

However, despite of its peaceful image, in the year of 1992, Japan’s government passed a law that allowed the country to cooperate with United Nations peacekeeping operations, and in the first Iraq war, Japan’s sent Japanese peacekeeping to participated in the U.N peacekeeping operation under highly restrictive conditions. Also, in that year the country had an important role as a chair of the Security Council, which it was adopted a resolution on incorporating sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear program. [5]


In the year of 2004, Japan joined Brazil, Germany and India, with the initiative to create a group, the G4, with the proposal to expand the Security Council in both the permanent and non-permanent member categories. [6]

When the first World War was ended and the League of Nations was created, Japan was admitted as a permanent member of the Council of the League of Nations, alongside with other victors of the war, Great Britain, France and Italy. Although, after the second World War, Japan, Germany and Italy were excluded from the United Nations membership in 1945 and joined only in 1956 as mentioned in this post before. [7]

The aspiration of the Japanese government to be part as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council is known within the U.N community. Despite of the Japan strong efforts negotiations among governments in the General Assembly on the Security Council reform, nothing significant has been achieved.

The Tokyo government believes that is a possible candidate for a permanent member of the Security Council due the fact that they are the second largest contributor to the United Nations budget behind the United States. And also because of its actively contributions to international peace and security alongside the United Nations peacekeeping operations and peacebuilding missions. For that reason, the U.S are the biggest supporters of Japan’s permanent seat at the Security Council. [8]

With the desire to become a major player in international relations, Japan since 1992 has dispatched about 600 peacekeeping troops to the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia, also 50 military transportation logistics specialists to join a United Nations peacekeeping operation in Mozambique. And contributed over $100 million to the U.N Fund for Somalia and helped the United States to craft the resolution, which authorized the U.N operations in Somalia. [9][10]





6 comentários sobre “Japan and the United Nations

  1. The blog of Japan, in regard to the relationship with the different agencies of the United Nations, clearly explains its inclusions in them, and therefore is important to consider, as a part of this talk, a little bit about what is the inclusion of Japan in G8 and G20, which can be part of the Global governance within what is the relationship of Japan with UN. Japan was struck by a destructive and deadly natural, nuclear and economic disaster on March 11, 2011, in Fukushima. The painful memories of this unprecedented triple disaster were reawakened when another earthquake erupted in northern Japan on March 13, 2012. However, with this blog, we can realize that Japan is still working in different areas with UN, Japan is still changing power and place in the world. Japan’s involvement and influence in global governance have grown. They have done so most clearly within the two summit-level institutions that stand at the center of global governance now. These are the annual G8 summit that began in 1975 and the more recent G20 system that started after the great global financial crisis in 1999 and that leapt to the leaders’ level after the much greater crisis that erupted in 2008. To be sure, within both groups Japan, as with other members, occasionally acts as an accommodating American ally and as a mediating bridge builder between the Asian and Atlantic sides. Its participation in peacekeeping and Japan’s economic contribution make them an important part of the National and Global civil society.


  2. Japan has contributed a lot in peace keeping. as it is the World’s second largest financial contributor to the UN. However, the blog missed to include the information regarding UN contribution towards Japan. How has UN helped Japan in its development? It would been more informative if you had included this point in the blog.


  3. Japan’s past and involvement in World War II hindered them to have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. It has come a long way for them to prove that they deserve their position – with very high financial contributions and support from the US. How Japan will continue to work with UN with peacekeeping operations may depend with the issues surrounding East Asia – sanctions in the North Korea nuclear program and China’s territorial disputes. I believe Japan can get a seat in the Security Council sooner than expected, it depends on how those countries affected by its occupation responds. Great blog Isys.


  4. Did not knew that Japan was on the second position to contribute on a financial contributions.I think Japan should be in the Security Council after all Japan is such a powerful country that it cannot be left behind but I think there must be some country inside Security Council now who doesn’t want Japan to be in. Anyways, the negotiations are going on and it will be interesting to find out if Japan can make it or not to the Security Council.


  5. Japan is the second largest financial contributor to the United Nation.It also explain the relation with other agencies affiliated to UN and other county. this blog only describes about the relation of Japan to United Nation but it did not tell anything about what it did in Japan.


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